Our vision is to create confident communities and we do this in a range of ways, from the support our Tenant Involvement Officers offer, to providing grants to local groups.  

Find out more about the support we offer, and how you can get involved too.  

Our Tenant Involvement Officers

Our Tenant Involvement Officers (TIOs) support local communities to improve their neighbourhoods. This includes listening to tenants’ views and supporting Neighbourhood Panels as well as Tenant and Resident Groups. Here, TIO Chris tells us why he enjoys his role and how we can support you if you want to get involved.   

“Tenants will usually see me if they’re a part of community groups or consultation meetings. I am also involved in work that supports the local area beyond WDH. For example, I have supported high school students with mock interviews and figuring out what their future career might be.  

“I believe strongly that our customers’ views and ideas are key in making sure we get it right with our services and to improve the places where they live. What I love best about my job is working with tenants who want to make a difference in their community.” 

We have a TIO for each area of the district. To talk about getting involved, call OneCALL on 0345 8 507 507 and ask to be put in touch with our Engagement Team. You can also email the team on tenants@wdh.co.uk 

Community grants and funding 

Our Community Grant Scheme gives small grants to local community and voluntary groups that work to make a real difference within our communities. 

We want to support projects that benefit those most in need and aim to help with the cost of living, boost health and wellbeing and improve the lives of people living in our local communities.  Find out more and how to apply

The WDH and Communities Together Agreement also sets out how tenant and resident groups can be recognised and supported by Annual, Neighbourhood and Premises grants.

The agreement outlines the support we can offer to both informal and formal tenant and residents’ groups. To find out more, read the agreement

Get involved 

There are a range of ways you can get involved in working with us and shaping your community, from joining our Customer Excellence Group to working with your local Neighbourhood Panel. Find out more.