What is the Neighbourhood Grant? 

The Neighbourhood Grant is a non-repayable award which groups that are signed up to the WDH and Communities Together Agreement can apply for to help fund equipment or to assist with the cost of a community activity. 

Who can apply and what can be funded?

  • Community Groups who are part of Communities Together can apply for up to £400. 
  • Applications can be made for:
    • entertainment to add to the enjoyment of an event – this could include, but is not 
      limited to, a children’s entertainer, DJ or magician;
    • refreshments to ensure the comfort of participants at an event or activity – this could 
      include, but is not limited to, hot or cold drinks or snacks;
    • equipment which the group will use as part of its typical activities – this could include, but is not limited to, a gazebo, tables, litter pickers and protective equipment for an event; and
    • incentives to encourage participation in the group’s events or activities and might 
      include equipment which the group can use at other times to generate funds to help their financial sustainability.
  • The above examples are provided purely for guidance. Groups can apply for funding for 
    any item which supports them in their purpose. It must be clearly stated what is being 
    applied for and how this benefits the group and / or community, in the relevant sections of the application form. 

How to apply 

Please read all guidance notes carefully to ensure your application is eligible. 

  • All applications must be verified and signed by a Tenant Involvement Officer before submission
  • Please complete the form below or download the PDF to print off and post to: 

WDH Engagement Team
Merefield House
Whistler Drive
WF10 5HX

Approval and monitoring 

  • Each application will be considered by our Resident Involvement Monitoring Group (RIMG).
  • If the RIMG agrees to the payment of a grant, we will make contact to arrange a transfer of funds.
    For audit purposes, successful grants should be treated as ‘Restricted Funds’ and shown appropriately in the group’s accounts. This will be reflected when your accounts are checked.
  • We will contact every group which makes a successful application, to consider the impact the grant made to the delivery of the event and the impact on the local community.

Your Group


Are you applying for
Please include the item, cost, the total cost of the project and the amount requested for grant.
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