How do I set up a Direct Debit?

What is Direct Debit?

Direct Debit is the simplest and most convenient way for you to pay. We take payments direct from your bank or building society account and pay them into your rent account. You are protected by the Direct Debit Guarantee and we can only take an amount we have notified you of.


Most people prefer to pay bills by Direct Debit because it provides so many advantages.

  • Peace of mind – you know your rent is being paid automatically and on time. No more late or missed payments or worrying about carrying cash around.
  • It saves money – paying your rent by Direct Debit helps us save money and we can put the savings back into your services.
  • It’s more convenient – it’s simple and easy to use and helps you stay in control of your money. Simply register / log in to your online account or WDH App, phone OneCALL on 0345 8 507 507, or print off the Direct Debit mandate on our website and return to us.
  • It’s more flexible for you – payments can be made weekly, fortnightly, every four weeks or calendar monthly and in most cases to suit your circumstances.

Your Direct Debit Guarantee

If there are any changes to the amount, date or frequency of your Direct Debit we will notify you seven days before we take the payment from your account. If an error is made by us or your bank or building society, you are entitled to a full and immediate refund of the amount paid.

What information do I need to set up a Direct Debit?

  • Your bank or building society account number.
  • Your branch sort code.
  • The names of the account holders.

Can Direct Debits be paid from any account?

Most current accounts at banks and building societies can be used to make Direct Debit payments. Some special deposit accounts also allow them – just ask at your branch.

What if I set up a Direct Debit over the phone? 

We will send you written confirmation of your Direct Debit within three working days of you setting it up. Simply check the details are correct and contact us immediately if you have a question, or for more information.

Will the payment always be on the same day every week or month?

Yes, unless we tell you beforehand. If the due date falls on a weekend or a bank holiday we will take the payment the next working day. Christmas Day and Good Friday are an exception, when payment will usually be taken early.

Once the Direct Debit is set up, do I have to do anything?

No, other than making sure you have money in your account when the payment is due. It is a good idea to check your bank statement regularly to check all your Direct Debits are happening as shown on your written confirmation.

What do I do if I want to ask a question about a Direct Debit?

Should you have any questions please contact OneCALL on 0345 8 507 507 and ask to speak to a member of our Revenues Team.

Can I cancel a Direct Debit?

You can cancel a Direct Debit at any time by contacting WDH or your bank or building society, they may need written confirmation. If cancelling with your bank or building society please also notify WDH.

What if I don’t have a bank account?

If you are having problems opening a bank account, you can contact your local Credit Union and ask about their Bill Paying Account.   

If you live in the Wakefield district and would like more information phone Leeds Credit Union on 0113 242 3343 or call into the office on the Bull Ring, Wakefield next door to the WDH Hub.

How is rent decided?

General information - 2024 / 2025

As a Housing Association, WDH follows Government guidance and regulation when we set our rents on an annual basis.

From April 2020, the Government announced that rent increases will be at CPI plus 1% for the next five years. This followed a four year period of 1% rent reductions for the majority of our tenants.

The 2023 September CPI figure was 6.7%, which means the rent increase using the CPI plus 1% formula will be 7.7%.

How will the changes affect me? 

Social, Affordable, Supported Housing and Intermediate Rent tenants
Rents will increase by 7.7% from Monday, 1 April 2024.

Shared ownership tenants
The annual rent variation is included within each specific lease and is based on a specific monthly RPI value plus 0.5%.

Garage tenants
Garage rents will increase by 7.7% from Monday, 1 April 2024.

Rent levels for social housing are guided by the Government. Further information on the Rent Standard can be found here:

Rent Standard and guidance - GOV.UK (

If you have any questions about rent calculations please contact OneCALL on 0345 8 507 507.

Additional charges

Along with your rent, you may pay service charges. These charges are for services which may not be provided to everyone, or for shared facilities rather than for a particular home. Some tenants receive different types of service, according to their needs.

We will only make a service charge where necessary to do so. 

Examples of service charges include:

  • the cost of meals in Extra Care Schemes;
  • using a Care Link alarm system;
  • use of communal facilities in a sheltered scheme;
  • district heating; and
  • the provision of a lift.

We will make sure all service charges represent value for money, are of a high standard and in line with current good practice. This is achieved by calculating charges on an annual basis to show the economic cost of providing the service to everyone who uses it. 

Universal Credit / Housing Benefit

To register a claim for Universal Credit / Housing Benefit you will need to make a claim to your local authority. You can find more information on the Universal Credit pages of GOV.UK.

Wakefield district residents can visit the Housing Benefit pages at Wakefield Council's website. If you live outside the Wakefield district, please contact your local authority benefits office.

When is rent due?

The rent year starts in April and rent is due every Monday for the week ahead.

You have the option of paying your rent weekly, fortnightly or monthly. In each case, you pay for the week, fortnight or month ahead.

Register for your online account to view your rent statement. 

When are my rent free weeks?

Your rent free weeks 2024 / 2025 are:

29 July 2024
30 September 2024
30 December 2024
31 March 2025

They will change slightly each year.

What does the service charge pay for?

A service charge will only be charged when an additional service is provided to you, examples below.

  • Meals provided in extra care schemes.
  • Use of the Care Link scheme.
  • Communal facilities within an independent living scheme.
  • Caretaking at a multi-storey apartment block.
  • A lift at a multi-storey apartment block or in an independent living scheme.

We’ll always make sure the cost of our service charges are fair and represent good value for money.

We work out each service charge annually and in a way that shows the cost of providing the service to everyone who uses it.

If we ever need to increase a service charge, we’ll give you a minimum of 28 days’ notice.