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Homes to rent

Being a WDH tenant gives you far more than a roof over your head. Alongside a range of different homes to rent, we offer a variety of services to support our customers, from money advice to help with health and wellbeing.

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Homes to buy

Shared ownership is a national scheme that helps you to buy your dream home! Start by buying between 10% and 75% of your home and paying an affordable rent on the rest. Buy more when you can. This means a smaller deposit, smaller mortgage repayments and the flexibility to increase your shares whenever you're ready.

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Independent living schemes

Our independent living schemes help to support an independent lifestyle, meaning has their own door key and can come and go as they please, while still living within a larger secure scheme, or a self-contained bungalow, that offers safety and peace of mind. 

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Homes for your business

We are really passionate about helping new and existing businesses to flourish, which is why we offer excellent commercial properties to let at affordable rates.

Garages For Rent In Wakefield Full


Garages are a great way to store your car securely and safely. We have garages available now across the Wakefield district for you to rent from just £10 per week.

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If you don’t have a garden but want to grow your own fruit, vegetables or flowers, an allotment might be the answer. You not only get fresh great tasting seasonal produce, but save money and help the environment too.