What type of lease agreement do you have?
Remember to include all supporting information, the more details you provide upfront will reduce queries to allow this to be processed, failure to provide all relevant information may delay the processing of your application. The following is a guide of what to include (not exclusive to): location, measurements and dimensions, image(s) of proposed work, plans, design and/or drawings, materials

Improvements or alterations - Declaration

Leaseholder Home Improvements - Fee Structure 

Preserved Right to Buy / Right to Buy / Right to Acquire and Shared Ownership  

There is a standard administration charge of £33.33 including VAT which is payable in advance for processing all applications for home improvements.  

This payment can be made by:

  • cheque made payable to Wakefield and District Housing Limited and returned with your application form to the WDH Survey team, Merefield House, Whistler Drive, Castleford WF10 5HX; or 
  • using your credit or debit card, by phoning OneCALL on 0345 8 507 507, or over the counter at either our Wakefield or Pontefract hubs, identifying the payment as ‘administration charge for home improvement application’.  

The large majority of applications will only incur the cost of the standard administration charge.  However, there are certain circumstances where additional costs may be incurred in order to cover the specialist services required to process your application. These will generally apply to leaseholders who have purchased an apartment/flat under the right to buy, preserved right to buy or right to acquire schemes. Examples of this would be:

  • extensive work within the individual apartment / flat, which would affect the lease agreement; or 
  • improvements, which will reduce the current service charges (that is, replacing wood or metal windows to UPVC).  

If your application does fall into one of these categories, WDH will tell you how much the costs will be, so you can make a decision as to whether you wish to go ahead with the application. The costs will need to be paid first before any legal work and adjustments are made or written permission granted to carry out the improvements you are proposing.

If unauthorised work has already been carried out permission will need to be applied for retrospectively, this will apply to all leasehold schemes including shared ownership.

Fee Structure 


Fee Structure 

Standard Administration Charge  £33.33 inc VAT 
Applications requiring the re-calculation of existing service charges   £72 inc VAT  
Applications for retrospective approval for unauthorised work already carried out   £72 inc VAT


Applications affecting the Lease Agreement and Plans  



Legal - £180 inc VAT  

Plans - £150 inc VAT 

£330 inc VAT


The fees are subject to an annual review.