What is Training for Employment (TfE)? 

We offer up to 12 months of paid employment with WDH through our TfE Programme to help adults who are unemployed and living in a WDH property back into work. 

The programme provides you with relevant training, work skills and mentoring throughout; helping you to succeed in the role, and to be in a better position when applying for further employment at the end of the programme.

Ongoing training with advice and guidance is delivered by the TfE team to ensure that all participants on the programme get the most out of the experience. 

The programme will help you to build a work record with a large and trusted local employer, giving you a good foundation for further employment. 


Am I eligible to apply?

To be eligible for our TfE Programme you need to be 19 years old or over, registered as living in a WDH property, and currently unemployed. You need to have the will and determination to be successful on the programme, be committed to working with, and as part of the TfE team, giving yourself the best chance to move into permanent employment either during your time on the programme, or at the end. 

What positions are available?

Environment Assistants  

You’ll get involved in environmental improvements such as installing different types of fencing in our estates, creating a secure boundary, and giving our tenants peace of mind. Work also includes the renewing of footpaths, relaying paving stones and flags, concreting and tarmacking. Other duties such as jet washing and painting could also be required. 

Environment Assistants – Caretaking/Cleaning 

These placements support our caretaking teams to maintain and clean the communal areas on our estates as well as some of our office facilities. 

Business Support Assistants 

These placements are clerical /administration roles and are offered throughout many different departments at WDH. You would gain knowledge and understanding of customer services and develop your communication skills. 

Each position is for up to 30 hours per week. 

Do I need any qualifications or previous experience?

There are no formal qualification or previous experience requirements, however all roles require basic English and Maths skills as these are required to help you complete the required training and carry out the role. Our programme vacancies are advertised as they arise throughout the year with some involving working outdoors in all weather conditions, manual handling of heavy bulky materials and using heavy plant machinery. The office-based roles will require you to deliver a range of administrative duties. 

What happens once I have applied?

Interested candidates are invited to a site or office visit and assessment. Those who are successful at this stage will go on to complete training modules relevant to the role. This includes Health and Safety modules such as manual handling and asbestos awareness for site-based roles, and basic administrative functions in relation to office-based roles.  


The training is usually completed within two days. Following this, applicants will have a formal interview and successful applicants will be selected for the positions based on their performance, attendance and attitude whilst training as well as performance at interview. The roles are for a period of up to 12 months but some TfE colleagues have gained employment with WDH after the programme has ended.  

How to apply

If you'd like to be considered for the programme, please contact the Community Employment Team on 01977 788825, by email or complete our Expression of Interest form. A Community Employment Advisor will arrange to meet with you to discuss the opportunity further, and to agree how they will continue to support you to move towards obtaining permanent employment. 

How two weeks of work experience launched a new career 


WDH tenant Sean was keen to gain some work experience that would help him learn new skills and start a career that could support him. He was excited to take the first step when he joined WDH for two weeks work experience with the Stores team. 

During his work experience, Sean was open about his autism diagnosis and the goals he had set for himself. He wanted to learn to work in a new environment with new people, listening and following instructions and communicating effectively with others.  

With the support of the Stores team and the mentorship of Team Leader, Debbie Salmon, Sean went from strength to strength. The two weeks flew by, and he needed to think about his next steps.  

This is when Sean found out about an opportunity for a 12-month paid work placement through WDH’s Training for Employment Scheme (TfE), which offers opportunities for unemployed tenants to learn skills and earn a wage. 

Working closely with Sarah Aucott, Community Employment Advisor, Sean prepared for his interview. Overcoming his nerves was his biggest challenge. Sarah worked with Sean on possible interview questions and how he could use his recent work experience to help him get the role. He was thrilled when he got the news that he had been successful in gaining a place on the TFE scheme.  

As Sean got settled into his new placement his confidence continued to grow. He gained new valuable skills and started looking for a permanent position to thrive in.  

After a few months, a permanent position became available in the Waste Management team at WDH. Sean was encouraged by his team to apply, and Sarah was right there to support Sean through the interview process again. They completed mock interviews and Sarah gave Sean constructive feedback that would help him in his final interview.  

This preparation and Sean’s can-do attitude were key in him successfully securing this new permanent role as a Waste Management Technician at WDH.  

Sean said: “I feel incredibly comfortable with the people I am working with. I am very grateful for the support that Debbie and the team have given me. Without the opportunity to do work experience with the team, I wouldn’t have got a place on the Training for Employment scheme. I’m looking forward continuing to develop skills and keep working for WDH.” 

Sarah added: “Sean’s work ethic, his attitude and his ability to overcome his personal obstacles has meant that people have seen the value he can bring to a team. His determination led to his success on the TfE programme and now his permanent role at WDH. Sean is a valued member of our workforce.”