Bad parking can cause a nuisance, annoy your neighbours and can also prevent access for the emergency services. 

Please ensure you: 

  • only park on your drive or in your designated parking space; 

  • ask your visitors to only park in a designated parking space; 

  • do not park anywhere that could block the way for emergency vehicles, pedestrians, wheelchairs or children's buggies; 

  • always lock your car; 

  • do not park a caravan, motor home or any other vehicle in your garden, in the parking areas or on the street without getting our permission in writing; and 

  • do not keep an unroadworthy or untaxed vehicle on your driveway or curtilage. 

Be considerate to your neighbours by: 

  • not carrying out major car repairs on your drive; 

  • not playing loud music from your car stereo when parked; and 

  • not slamming your car doors; 

Abandoned vehicles 

We cannot remove vehicles from our land but if a vehicle poses an immediate health and safety risk then we can work closely with your local authority to remove the vehicle as a priority. 

If a vehicle appears to have been abandoned and we have exhausted all possible means of making contact with the registered owner then the decision may be made to have the vehicle removed, again working closely with your local authority. 

An abandoned vehicle can be reported directly on your local authority website. A form is available for Wakefield Council - report an abandoned vehicle.