Hate crime describes how individuals or groups can be harassed, victimised or abused because of their age, sex, sexual orientation, race, faith, religion or belief or disability. This kind of harassment can take many forms including physical, spoken and emotional attacks and can be aimed at a person or their property. 

Harassment targeted at someone that is motivated by 'hate' is a serious crime and we will not accept it. 

If you believe you are a victim of hate crime, or if you see an incident or suspect this type of crime is being committed, please report the matter to the police and contact any of our Hubs.  

All of our Hubs are designated hate incident reporting centres. Our colleagues there will help you to deal with reports or incidents in a sensitive and understanding way. 

In order to offer reassurance and support to victims of hate incidents, we also work closely with partner agencies such as the Police, your local authority and the Victim Support Service. 

More information is available on the Stop Hate UK website.