Pets offer significant benefits to their owners. We welcome responsible pet owners, however, controls must be in place to prevent issues which might lead to suffering to animals and a nuisance to neighbours. Tenants must not keep more than one dog and/or cat without our written permission. Dogs or cats are also not allowed if your home has a shared or communal entrance or is above ground floor level. 

  • Pet owners have a responsibility both to the animals’ welfare and the community they live in. 

  • Pets are dependent on their owner for their physical and mental wellbeing. 

  • It is important to regularly exercise dogs as this can be a main cause of barking and discomfort. 

  • When you go away for a day or longer it is up to you to make suitable arrangements. Small, caged pets can be looked after by family or friends, but other pets will need more suitable arrangements. 

Please contact us if you are being affected by animal behaviour via OneCALL on 0345 8 507 507. 

Please contact your local authority Dog Warden service if you wish to report an abandoned or dangerous dog, or if an owner regularly allows a dog to foul in a public area. 

Please contact the RSPCA on 0113 253 6952 if you feel that an animal is being badly treated or harmed in any way.