Notes for applicants

  • Preference will be given to residents of the City of Wakefield Metropolitan District. 
  • Applicants must be aged 18 years or over. 
  • Your application may be placed in a waiting list for up to three sites.  A choice of plots can be indicated, although this cannot be binding.  Confirmation of a tenancy will be made by the Company in writing.
  • At least two thirds of the total area of the allotment garden must be cultivated, up to one third can be maintained for livestock.  The only livestock that may be kept on allotment gardens are pigeons and poultry (but not cockerels).  Permission in writing must be sought from the Company.
  • Buildings and structures may not be erected on any allotment plot without the written consent of the Company. 
  • Any tenancy offered and accepted will be subject to the standard terms of the Allotment Tenancy Agreement. 

Allotment and Leisure Gardens Application Form

Please enter the site(s), plot(s) and town(s) of the allotment.
If so, please state the site, plot and town.
If so, please state the site, plot and town.
Do you wish to keep poultry
Will you keep pigeons?

Data Protection 

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Under the UK General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and Data Protection Act 2018 you have a number of important rights, free of charge, unless excessive or repetitive in nature.  More information about your rights, including how to complain are available here - Data Protection Rights Notice.

WDH will process the information you provide on this form because you wish to enter into a contract (tenancy).

For further information, on how we use your personal data, details of WDH Privacy Policy can be found on our accessibility, privacy and cookies webpage. If you’d like a copy we can email it to you.

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