On Your Street: an update

Week 7 Kerry Burgoyne And Adele Seal (Edit)

After the success of On Your Street in 2022, we spent the summer of 2023 visiting our 32,000 homes to speak our customers about our Customer Charter and what support you may need from us. 

In 2023 we received 1,758 referrals for support. This includes 340 for wellbeing and mental health and 215 for crisis support.

In 2022, we asked what was most important to our customers and we received 7,617 comments from 13,535 tenants. Since then, we have used this feedback to create action plans that are monitored by our Tenant Neighbourhood Panels. Some of these improvements include installing swing gates to reduce anti-social behaviour, providing off-street parking in places where we can, and holding ‘days of action’ with groups and other agencies to make improvements to estates and increase recycling. 

“I think On Your Street is really good because you can express opinions, you can express worries and concerns and you know you’re actually speaking to somebody rather than going to an office and leaving a comment that might not event get back to you. That face-to-face contact is good.” - Feedback from a WDH tenant.