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How can I make a Universal Credit / Housing Benefit claim?

How to claim Universal Credit or Housing Benefit

Need help with your rent?

You might be able to claim Universal Credit or Housing Benefit to help with your housing costs if you:

  • are on a low income - whether you are working or on other benefits;
  • pay rent; and
  • have less than £16,000 in savings, capital and/or shares.

If you are of working age and need to make a claim for benefit to help with your rent, it is likely that you will now need to claim Universal Credit.

You can find out more information about Universal Credit in the online tenant area of our website or at www.gov.uk   You can also contact Universal Credit on 0800 328 5644 or apply online. Remember, even if you claim Universal Credit, you should still contact the local authority in your area to check if you are eligible for any support with your Council Tax.

If you are eligible to claim Universal Credit, you cannot claim Housing Benefit.  If you are of working age but not eligible to claim Universal Credit, or you are over Pension Credit age, and want to apply for Housing Benefit, Wakefield residents can follow this link to Wakefield Council Benefits page for more information or contact the local authority in your area.

Your Universal Credit or Housing Benefit award may not cover your full rent, and it is it is your responsibility to make sure that your rent is paid to WDH in full.

How to claim Housing Benefit

You can register a claim for Housing Benefit with your local authority. You can apply:


The quickest and easiest way to claim – the secure form only asks questions relevant to you, and provides a personalised list of evidence you will need to provide to support your claim.

You will need to make a claim to your local authority.  You can find more information on the governments Housing Benefit pages

The online form can also be used on tablet, PCs and smartphones

If you don’t have access to the internet, free internet access is available at:

  • ­     Wakefield One customer access point and library;
  • ­     Wakefield Council libraries across the district; and
  • ­     All our service access points

You can also go to your nearest computer centre or library.

In person

Call into your local council offices and speak to an advisor.  If you need help to fill in the form they can help you.  

We provide a Housing Benefit and Council Tax document verification service at our service access points, this is for our tenants only.




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