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I have no electricity - what should I do?

Checks to make and who to call if you have no electricity in your home - Loss of power to sockets and lights.

It can be frustrating when your electricity suddenly goes off, fortunately, it doesn't happen very often and usually not for very long. 

Check if there are lights on in neighbouring properties, if their properties are also without electricity you can report a power cut by calling the Northern Powergrid helpline number 0800 375675, or visit their website www.northernpowergrid.com

If it is just your property, see our short film Loss of power to sockets and lights and make the following checks before reporting it:

  • Check if there are any lights or movement visible on your electricity meter.  If there is a light or display flashing, electricity is coming into your home from the mains cable outside.
  • If you have a pre-payment meter, you may need to add credit.
  • Check your consumer unit, sometimes known as the fuse box or the trip switches - has one of the switches tripped into the off position?
  • If one of the switches refuses to stay in the upright position and continues to trip, this usually means there is a problem somewhere in your home. Check if any light bulbs have blown and unplug appliances, (one could be faulty) try the trip switch again. 
  • If there is still no power to your entire home after all these checks,or you cannot reset the trip switch you should inform OneCALL 0345 8 507 507.  If your home is a Shared Ownership property phone 01977 788830.



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