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Domestic abuse is any incident or pattern of incidents of controlling, coercive or threatening behaviour, violence or abuse between those aged 16 or over who are or have been intimate partners or family members, regardless of gender or sexuality.

The abuse can take different forms and may include:

  • physical assault;
  • rape;
  • sexual abuse;
  • threats;
  • harassment;
  • intimidation; or
  • verbal abuse and not being free to go anywhere or do anything on your own or with your friends and family.

Anyone can be a victim regardless of their personal circumstances.

We can help anyone who feels that they, or their family, are suffering from domestic abuse and will deal with their concerns sensitively and in a supportive way.

Domestic abuse or violence is a crime and should be reported to the police - there are also other organisations who can offer you help and support.

Call 999 if it’s an emergency or you’re in immediate danger. The police take domestic violence seriously and will be able to help and protect you.

Contact your local neighbourhood policing team if it's not an emergency or another organisation who can help.

If you live in the Wakefield district we also work closely with Wakefield District Domestic Abuse Service (WDDAS), which provides more specialised advice and assistance to victims and their families.

You can contact the WDDAS team on 0800 915 1561.

If you are in an abusive relationship:

Remember you are not to blame
Remember it is not acceptable
Remember you are not alone

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