Is the app free to use?

Yes. The app can be downloaded by WDH tenants free of charge. There is no fee for usage.

Can a voucher be used in addition to loyalty cards or cashback?

Yes. In the vast majority of cases this is possible. Check the terms and conditions of your voucher for restrictions.

If I have a £20 voucher and I spend £18, do I lose £2?

No. When you purchase a voucher you can use it as many times as you like until it's empty.

How quickly do I receive a voucher after I have bought it?

The average time is a few seconds. Vouchers appear instantly on your phone if purchased through the app.

Is there a limit to how many vouchers can be purchased?

You can purchase as many vouchers as they like.

Can vouchers be used without a smart phone?

Yes. Vouchers can be printed off or shared to another device. Vouchers can also be purchased over the phone.

How long does a voucher last?

Usually two years. It is important to check the expiry date on the voucher as it can vary between three months and five years.

What happens if my voucher doesn't work?

In the rare case that a voucher doesn't work, see the Housing Perks terms and conditions for advice on how to request a refund for a faulty voucher.

My voucher isn't scanning when I try to redeem it in store. What's wrong?

Make sure to turn the screen on your phone up to full brightness. If your screen is damaged, you may need to print the voucher out.