Working with our new Government

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We’re waking up this morning to the news of change.

We’d like to congratulate the Labour Party on their win at the general election and we’re optimistic about what the future might hold. We’ll be contacting the MPs who have successfully gained or retained their seats across our areas of operation over the next week to discuss how we can work closely together to benefit our customers, their constituents and the communities we work in.

We have been supporting the National Housing Federation’s campaign for a long term plan for housing and this will be high on our agenda when we meet with our MPs.

By 2035 a long-term plan for housing could:

  • fix child homelessness;
  • halve overcrowding;
  • provide the security of a social home for one million more people;
  • ensure a warm and decent home for seven million more families;
  • improve affordability; and
  • boost productivity by ensuring every region has the homes it needs to grow.

Labour were clear in their manifestos and the commitments that they made to social housing that they understand the impact a safe, secure and affordable home has on individuals, families and communities. They support social housing and share our commitment to end the housing crisis. 

We look forward to meeting with our new party and working together in the future.