Foundation Grant Case Study – Mr B

In early 2020, one of our Foundation Grant applicants (who wishes to remain anonymous) was made redundant from his position due to economic and logisticals issues with the growing number of COVID-19 cases. With a family to support, he was fearful of being out of work for a long period of time due to the pandemic and, with no qualifications to support him in finding further employment, began looking at what areas of business may be successful in the near and long-term future.

He was considering work in domestic logistics. However, he discovered there was a shortage of HGV drivers and decided this would be the best career to aim for in order to secure employment. Unfortunately, the course cost was £2,830 and he didn’t have access to the funds, and no job to allow him to save the money.

When the Foundation Grant Scheme was advertised, he applied for support and, with minor arrears due to being in receipt of Universal Credit being the only issue with the tenancy, the applicant’s request for support was granted.

He took his Class C HGV training and within less than a week of passing the course, he had secured himself a job working for a large local organisation. Three months later, he had secured a promotion within the same company. He cleared his arrears and has sustained his employment and tenancy since.

When asked what the Foundation Grant meant to him, he said: “I was out of work before, but now this has supplied me with a lifelong job and a complete safety net to know I will never be out of work again.”