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How can I manage condensation in my home?

Find out how to tackle condensation in your home.

Don’t let condensation settle: wipe it, open it, move it.

  • Wipe it: wipe away any water or moisture you see on surfaces such as windows, walls or furniture.
  • Open it: open a window when cooking or when taking a hot bath or shower to let the warm, moist air out. Keep air vents open on your windows and always use an extractor fan.
  • Move it: move furniture and curtains away from walls and make sure air can circulate in your home so the moist air can escape.

Here are some more tips from our expert:

Other ways to minimise moisture at home:

  • Try to keep a constant low heat in your home, to avoid rapid temperature changes, especially in winter. Along with ventilation, this will help avoid moist air evaporating and turning into condensation.
  • When cooking, use pan lids. Turn on an extractor fan if you have one and open a window to let the moisture out.
  • When taking a bath or shower, leave an extractor fan on if you have one and leave the vents open on your windows.
  • After taking a hot bath or shower, open a window to let all the moist warm air out for at least half an hour, and close the bathroom door behind you.
  • Keeping internal doors closed when cooking or taking a bath or shower will stop moisture settling elsewhere in your home.
  • Move furniture and curtains away from walls and make sure that air vents are open to allow air to circulate.
  • Try to dry clothes outside if you can. If not, use clothes airers indoors and dry clothes in the bathroom with the window open and the bathroom door closed.
  • Avoid drying clothes on radiators. The moisture from your clothes will evaporate, creating more moist, warm air leading to condensation.
  • Wipe down any surfaces whenever you see moisture to avoid mould growth.
  • Open windows daily for a few minutes to give the moist, warm air a chance to escape. If you can’t open windows, you can use your window vents.

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