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What are WDH's responsibilities regarding gas safety?

What are our responsibilities regarding gas safety, what are your responsibilities regarding gas safety as a tenant.


Our duty as your landlord

WDH is committed to your safety and insist that all appliances are serviced every 12 months.  As your landlord we will make sure:

  • Gas fittings and flues installed / owned by WDH are maintained and in a safe condition.
  • All installations, maintenance and gas servicing is carried out by a Gas Safe registered engineers
  • Any flues or chimneys are checked when we carry out your gas appliances’ annual service.  We will not service or repair gas cookers.
  • We keep a copy of each annual gas service.
  • You get a copy of the current gas safety certificate for your home when completed.  If you are a new tenant, a copy will be in your tenancy pack.
  • All our gas engineers will carry a WDH ID badge and a Gas Safe photograph ID card.  Always ask for proof of WDH identity before you let them into your home.
  • We contact you when your appliances are due for an annual gas service and advise you of an appointment date.

Your duty as a tenant

As a WDH tenant you too have responsibilities:

  • You should allow us access to your home to carry out maintenance and safety checks on our gas appliances, as stated in your tenancy agreement.
  • You must let authorised employees of WDH, or other agents, into your home at all reasonable hours to carry out any inspections or any work we consider necessary.  This is to ensure the property and surrounding properties do not put you, or anyone else at risk. We will give you 24 hours advance notice in writing, if possible.
  • If you want to replace a gas appliance, always seek permission from us first. 
  • Never use an appliance if you think it is not working properly - report it to OneCALL on 0345 8 507 507.
  • Never cover an appliance or block / obstruct any convection air vents, fixed ventilation grilles or airbricks.
  • Always follow the manufacturers’ instructions when using appliances.


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