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What is a WDH Foundation Grant and how do I apply?

Information about WDH's Foundation Grant Scheme and how to apply

The Foundation Grant will provide interested WDH tenants with a grant or bursary to help pursue training and development opportunities.

The aim of the grant scheme is to make a difference to people in our communities with educational support or individual development.  It can be used to provide equipment and support learning and professional opportunities whether it be funding for a college course or childcare to enable further development.

You must live in a WDH home in one of our communities to be eligible to apply.

The maximum amount awarded to any applicant will be up to £500 a year to ensure that a number of individuals can benefit from the grant.  This can be through more than one application as long as the total of grants awarded to any individual does not exceed the maximum amount in any one year.

If you are looking to further your professional development or pursue training, you may be able to receive funding from a WDH Foundation Grant. The aim of the individual applying for a grant should be to:

  • improve working opportunities;
  • increase learning potential;
  • take part in training courses to enhance knowledge and skills;
  • Increase involvement in the community; and
  • show innovation and creativity.

Where possible, support will be targeted to needs which directly contribute to achieving individual development.

To apply, visit WDH foundation or if you would like more information or email our Engagement Team.



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