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How do I get an adapted property to help with my disability?

Disability and Health and Medical Rehousing

We work closely with Wakefield Council to provide assessments for a move on Health and Medical grounds, where an assessment is required due to mental health, these applications are considered by Wakefield Council.If you have a physical disability or a long term physical medical condition that is having a significant effect on your ability to access essential facilities in your home such as the bathroom, toilet or bedroom and you think a move to an adapted property will help you to live more independently and safely please contact our Adaptations and Wellbeing Team to discuss your options..

To be eligible for a move under Health and Medical Rehousing you need to be a current Homesearch member and meet  the criteria, as explained in the Criteria and Procedure for Rehousing on Health and Medical Grounds.

If after reading the document, you think you might meet the criteria you should contact the Adaptations and Wellbeing team on 01977 724460, or you can email them and they will call you back to discuss your situation.

If you meet the criteria for rehousing on Health and Medical Grounds you will be sent an application form asking you for more information about how your disability or long term medical condition affects your daily living.  Our Adaptations team will review the information you provide and update you on the progress of your application.

Requirement                      Responsible for assessment


Children under 18                                       Wakefield Council Housing Needs Service

Mental Health                                              Phone: 01924 304359

Homelessness                                            Email: housingneedsservice@wakefield.gov.uk.

Social reasons

Physical reasons

Combination of any of the above


Physical reasons (Adults over 18)              WDH Adaptations Team

                                                                    Phone: 01977 724420

                                                                    Email: adaptations@wdh.co.uk


We will signpost customers to the Local Authority who:

  •  are in hospital and unable to return home;
  • are in residential rehabilitation or care;
  • have an assessed complex disability that requires specialist accommodation, such as disabled dwelling or purpose-built accommodation;
  • are children under the age of 18;
  • are assessed as having a moderate to severe learning disability; and / or
  • apply on the grounds of mental health (including where they have both physical and mental health conditions).

HMR applications from individuals living outside of the Wakefield district will only be considered if a ‘Local Connection’ has been established by the Homesearch Team.



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