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I’m struggling to pay my rent and need financial advice

Where to get help with your money

Having trouble paying your rent?

We want to help

We understand the problems of getting by on a limited budget and there may be times when you can’t pay all of your bills. We want to help you and would much prefer you contact us, as soon as possible, when problems begin.  To contact your Account Manager in our Central Debt Team:

  • phone  01977 724464; or 0345 8 507 507;
  • email   CDT@wdh.co.uk or
  • text      07786202539

The sooner you speak to us the sooner we can help.  Our Cash Wise team can help you to maximise your income, provide budgeting support and advise on Universal Credit or other welfare benefit issues.  If you are struggling to manage your money and need some support to get your finances in order our Cash Wise team can help. Contact them:

  • by phone 01977 724651;
  • contact Cash Wise for help and support by completing the online form or,
  • visit our Cash Wise website, it is full of useful information to help make your money go further

We know there are many reasons financial problems can start.

  • Unemployment.
  • Illness.
  • Family or relationship breakdown.
  • Housing benefit issues.
  • General debts.

If you do fall into arrears you should pay them as quickly as possible, ideally in one payment to clear the whole amount.  If you cannot do this you should contact us to make an agreement to repay the money you owe.

Together we will work with you to agree a repayment plan at a level you can afford.

If you don’t tell us you have a problem paying your rent, or if you don’t keep to an agreement to pay off the debt, you could face court action to recover the arrears.


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