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How do I end my tenancy?

Ending a tenancy with WDH

What to do if you want to end your tenancy.

If you want to end your tenancy, you must give us at least four weeks’ notice in writing, and the notice should end on a Monday. You will need to complete one of our ‘Notice to End Your Tenancy’ forms to end your tenancy.

Your tenancy will not end until you have returned your keys to one of our service access points (SAPs).

  • We may ask you to let us into your home to do any small repairs before your tenancy ends.
  • You must return all your keys, all door entry fobs, outhouse and meter-box keys to a SAP no later than noon on the Monday that your tenancy ends. If you do not, we will charge you rent until the following Monday.
  • You must leave any alterations you have made to your home in place when you leave. Or, you must put things back as they were before you made any changes, otherwise we will charge you for repairing or replacing work you have done. SAP employees will be able to give you
    advice about this.
  • You must make good any damage or repairs which are your responsibility.  If you don’t, we will do the work and charge you for it.
  • Before you hand in your keys, please arrange for your electricity and gas suppliers to read your meters so you can pay your final bill. You must tell us who your gas and electricity suppliers are.
  • On the day you move, please make sure you turn the water off at the stop tap. If you have a water meter, you will also need to arrange for the water company to read your meter. 
  • Please tell your Local Authority Council Tax Office your moving date and your new address.  If you live in the Wakefield district phone Wakefield Council Tax and Benefits - 0345 8 504 504
  • Your rent account must be clear when your tenancy ends. This usually means paying your rent up to the Monday your tenancy ends. You can ask at any SAP if you are not sure how much to pay.
  • Before you return your keys, make sure that you remove all your furniture, carpets and belongings.  Empty all the cupboards, sheds and so on.
  • Don’t leave any rubbish or other items you don’t want in your home or garden. If you leave anything behind when you move, we will charge you the cost of removing them.
  • The Post Office can arrange to redirect your mail to your new address. They will charge you for this service. If you have a phone in your home, tell the phone company you are moving.

Thank you for being our tenant and good luck in your new home!

Advice for relatives and your next of kin.

  • If you are dealing with a relative or friend’s tenancy because they have died, or moved into residential care, please tell us straight away.  We may be able to terminate the tenancy before the four weeks’ official notice period. Contact OneCALL 0345 8 507 507.
  • Tenancies can only end on a Monday.  If you hand in the keys before noon on a Monday the tenancy will end straight away as long as you have given us four weeks’ notice. If you hand them in later, the tenancy will end on the following Monday.
  • It helps us to know how long you think you will need the keys. We have to charge rent until the keys are handed in and we will ask you who will be responsible for paying the rent until then.
  • Local Authorities cannot pay Housing Benefit or Universal Credit after a tenant dies. Benefit is usually cancelled on the Monday after their
    death. If they were receiving any kind of benefit, you also need to tell the benefits agency the tenant has died.
  • The tenant may also have been receiving a State Pension. If so, you will also need to contact the Department for Work and Pensions.

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