Young Achiever 2016: Kai Brooke

Published 26 October 2016

Kai won the Young Achiever Category in WDH’s 2016 Love Where You Live Awards. 

Thirteen year old Kai has been attending the Oak Forest School for five years. During this time he has worked hard to prove himself and is now a mentor for the younger members.

 He gives up his free time on a Saturday morning to attend and support the younger children in the group. He recently took part in a woodland cooking competition with his group and created some fantastic food. 

Kai is sensible and hardworking and has recently become a Junior Ranger with the Forest School as a result

He said: “I am very happy about winning my award. I was shocked when I found out I was nominated so to win felt amazing! I never expected it at all!  I plan to share my prize money with my little brother.”

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