Young Achiever 2014: Zara McGuinness

Published 7 October 2014

Zara McGuinness won the Young Achiever category in our 2014 Love Where You Live Awards.

Zara, 10, is no stranger to the winner’s podium as the 2014 finals marked her second victory in the category in three years.

She has carried out many acts of kindness, including organising trips to the coast for children who might not otherwise be able to go and giving £100 to an 81-year-old woman who had been mugged in Pontefract for her £200 holiday money.

Zara, who also opened a charity shop in the Castleford area which gave grants to organisations to help people in need, said: “It feels good to win because I’ve won twice in three years, and it’s a really big achievement.”



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