We nurture nature with Open Country

Published 2 July 2019

We have supported the Wild about Wakefield project run by Open Country, with a Community Grant of over £ 1,400.

Open Country is a Yorkshire charity that enables people with disabilities to access the countryside. The charity provides outdoor activities and an information service to anybody with a disability who wants to experience nature offering access to a minibus and help from volunteers.  

The grant helped Open Country to buy tools for the Nature Force Group, which supports conservation efforts by planting trees, making ponds, scrub clearing and maintaining paths across the Wakefield District every Tuesday. 

Ella Dixon, Project Officer at Open Country said:  "This grant meant that we can buy tools and continue to help nature locally. The Wakefield Nature Force Group shows what people with disabilities can to do to improve their local community and we are very grateful to WDH for supporting us with our mission."

If anybody wants to join the Nature Force Group, which is based in Lupset and runs every Tuesday, or hear about other activities, you can contact Project Officer, Ella on 07426 716677 or email Wakefield@opencountry.org.uk.

Chris Croxall, Tenant Involvement Officer at WDH said: "We are pleased to support projects like Wild about Wakefield that do a great job at helping people with disabilities access the countryside by organising walking groups, tandem rides and conservation projects."

For more information on WDH’s Community Grant Scheme visit  https://www.wdh.co.uk/OurCommunities

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