Wakefield residents encouraged to receive a free benefits review

Published 24 September 2021

WDH is working in partnership with Wakefield Council and Citizens Advice Wakefield to encourage residents who receive government benefits to get a free benefits review.

The review is to ensure they are making the most of their income.

The £20 Universal Credit uplift ends at the end of September 2021 and people are being reminded to act now, as they may be entitled to other benefits.

Anyone who is not currently receiving benefits or have been turned down previously can also receive a benefits review, as they may now be entitled to them.

The teams at ether WDH’s Cash Wise and Citizens Advice Wakefield, can give people a free, impartial check-up and offer help with money, jobs, housing and health issues.

Cllr Maureen Cummings, Wakefield Council’s Cabinet Member for Communities, Poverty and Health, said: “We know that this has been an extremely difficult time financially for many of our residents and the imminent removal of the Universal Credit uplift will only add to the challenges of those who receive it. This is why we want anyone struggling to know that support is available to help you get more money in your pocket and make the most out of your income.

“If the Universal Credit uplift is going to affect you, or you think you might be entitled to benefits – you might be disabled, a carer, claim a pension or are unemployed – then there is no harm in getting some free, independent help and support.

“Please do not struggle alone, come and get a benefits review and make sure you are receiving all the money you are entitled to.”

Simon Topham, Chief Executive of Citizens Advice Wakefield District, said: “From 1 October, people receiving Universal Credit will lose £20 a week, making many people at least £80 a month worse off.

“If you are worried about the changes, don’t leave it too late, act now and come to either Citizens Advice or Cash Wise and get a free benefits review from our friendly teams.

“We can assess your current benefits, tell you if you can claim others, help you make the claims and also help you appeal decisions.

“The benefits system can be tricky to navigate, so let us do all the hard work for you and ensure that you are receiving the financial help and support you deserve.”

Pete Beaumont, Financial Inclusion Manager at WDH said “We are seeing more and more people struggling financially throughout the district for a wide variety of reasons. The removal of the Universal Credit uplift will only put extra pressure on the households in receipt of this benefit during these difficult times. Working together with Wakefield Council and Citizens Advice, our Cash Wise team is here to support any Wakefield residents with benefit issues, applications or appeals.”  

To receive a free benefits review, contact Cash Wise on 01977 724651 or visit the website www.getcashwise.co.uk/contact-us or get in touch with Citizens Advice Wakefield District free on 0800 144 9949 or visit www.wakefielddistrictcab.co.uk.

Residents can also visit the team in person at one of the Help at the Hub sites - find your nearest one on Wakefield Council’s website by clicking this link: Help at the Hub.


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