WDH support young people to graduate

Published 6 January 2015

WDH has supported a group of young people to redecorate a youth club as part of the National Citizen Service scheme.

Youngsters were provided with paint for the internal walls as well as for an outdoor graffiti mural at Brickhouse Youth Club in Ossett, while WDH also arranged for two decorators to teach the group members the best techniques.

The NCS is a social development programme which gives 15-17 year olds the opportunity to take part in trips to activity centres, residential weeks away and a chance to work in community-based projects like the one at Brickhouse.

After the project the NCS youngsters were presented with awards at a graduation ceremony at Unity Hall.

Kathryn Hutchinson, Tenant Involvement Officer from WDH, who helped co-ordinate the project at Brickhouse, said: “We’re delighted to have been able to help these young people achieve their goals with the National Citizen Service scheme at the same time as helping improve an important youth club in one of our communities.”

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