WDH secure further ISO 14001 certification

Published 7 January 2016

WDH has successfully secured the continuation of their ISO 14001 certification until February 2017.

ISO 14001 is an environmental management system; it is an internationally recognised standard which demonstrates that an organisation is striving to implement sound environmental management and is considering its environmental impact across its operations.

This accreditation included a three day audit in November which covered many aspects of the business and its operations including visits to a number of WDH’s offices, stores, depots, new build and modernisation sites.

This involved the auditor reviewing evidence that WDH has a documented environmental management system in place that considers what the business’s impact is on the environment, that processes and procedures are being implemented across its operations, that employees are being communicated with from the top down and that the business is setting itself environmental targets to enable it to continually improve.

Furthermore, this was accomplished without receiving any minor or major non-conformances.  


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