WDH bolsters mental health support for customers

Published 6 October 2021

WDH is recruiting two health care support workers to provide even more support for customers with mental health and wellbeing concerns.

The new roles, part of WDH’s partnership with the Wakefield Mental Health Alliance, will help to answer the increase in demand for mental health related support brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.  

The two health care support workers will be employed by South West Yorkshire Foundation Hospital Trust and seconded to work in WDH’s Wellbeing team. Working alongside WDH’s mental health navigators, their role will be to clinically assess customers, carry out detailed risk assessments and complete action plans. The health care support workers will also follow up with continued mental health support and recovery work, developing coping mechanisms and strategies for self-help and managing individual conditions.

Their appointment will allow WDH’s mental health navigators to support even more customers, across the Wakefield district, in a timely manner and help meet the current increase in demand placed on the service as the pandemic eases, and people get back on the road to everyday life.

Darren Portman, Care and Health Manager at WDH, said: “Our wellbeing caseworkers and mental health navigators last year supported 705 tenants and we demand for support is increasing. These two new roles will enable us to help more people who need extra support to keep them safe as well. 

“We continue to work with health and social care partners to deliver new models of care providing support to our most vulnerable residents and regularly receive referrals for support from partners.”

WDH’s partnership to deliver mental health support to tenants started in 2015 and was quickly established as part of their Wellbeing team. Since then, the team has become part of the integrated teams working in the Connecting Care hubs providing a holistic approach to meeting the needs of Wakefield residents.

If you are a tenant and are struggling with your mental health or wellbeing, please reach out to us and click here to complete a referral form. A member of WDH’s Wellbeing team will then contact you to see how we can support you.


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