WDH adds support to gas safety campaign

Published 13 October 2014

WDH has added its support to a national campaign to give social landlords the right legal access to carry out annual gas safety checks.


As a social landlord, WDH has a legal duty to check gas services in its properties on an annual basis, but due to current legal processes it can take up to four months to gain access to carry out the required checks.


The campaign aims to give social landlords the same rights as councils, which also have the same legal duty to check gas services on an annual basis, but can do so using additional powers. Local authorities have the right to enter their homes using a warrant that can be obtained from a Magistrates Court on the day they apply for access.


WDH service more than 30,000 boilers each year, and by having the same rights as councils it would ensure tenants’ safety and help the landlord provide an even better standard of service during peak periods such as during the winter months should engineers need to attend breakdowns.

Martyn Shaw, Specialist Services Manager, said: “This change in legislation would enable WDH to ensure we meet our legal obligations and encourage tenants to provide access earlier. Whilst WDH has an excellent record of access it will help reduce our potential legal costs when issues arise.”



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