WDH HomeBuilder celebrate their 100th property

Published 30 August 2017

WDH has welcomed the first tenants to their latest HomeBuilder development. The development on Bevin Close in Outwood, is a mixture of two and three bed homes with some for rent and some for sale through Shared Ownership.

The completion of the five new properties marks 100 new build properties completed by WDH’s HomeBuilder Team of skilled tradespeople.

Lauren Gardner, and her son J’vae have just moved into the 100th property and were presented with some welcome gifts by Alan Poxon, WDH’s Senior Project Officer and Pervez Khaliq, WDH’s Project Officer.

Lauren said: “I am absolutely over the moon. The house is amazing, I love it! The area is lovely and quiet and it’s great to finally have a garden for J’vae. I can’t wait to finish making it our own.”

Alan Poxon, WDH’s Senior Project Officer, said:  “We remain one of very few social landlords delivering new properties using the skills of our own workforce, and we are extremely proud of the workmanship at Bevin Close.”

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