WDH Community Grant helps develop children’s skills

Published 7 March 2019

iSpace, a community group based in Wakefield, has been awarded a community grant worth over £1,000.

They have used the money to buy iPads for the children to carry out research, share their learning, create blogs and promote upcoming projects.

The local community group provides services to young people, their families and communities. This donation has helped them to buy resources, improve their services give the children the opportunity to better their skills.

Linda Smith, iSpace’s Senior Practitioner, said: “The iPads that we purchased using the grant have enhanced the quality and value of topics covered, given them versatility and therefore strengthened learning outcomes.”

Chris Croxall, WDH’s Tenant Involvement Officer, said: “We are happy to support groups that make a positive impact in the community. Buying the iPads has helped the group to continue providing their service to young people and families to enable them to build on their confidence and aspirations.”

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