Volunteers renovate Wakefield Hospice

Published 22 June 2017


A team of eight electricians from WDH volunteered their own time to help Wakefield Hospice save money.

 The team worked all day Saturday to fit energy efficient lighting throughout the building as part of the first phase of refurbishment. The second phase will see the team return to the Hospice later this month to complete the project.

 WDH carried out the initial cost appraisal and recommended the energy efficient solution. Employees volunteered their support and the organisation donated £7,000 to the cost of the new lighting. Wolseley UK and YESS Electrical also donated towards the new lighting cost.

 Michael Flynn, Senior Electrical Engineer for WDH, said: “You never know when you or your family might need their support. Hospices are a local charity that directly benefit local people when they need it the most. I would always try and do what I can for these people.”

 Helen Knowles, Director of Fundraising & Retail Operations for Wakefield Hospice, said: “The Hospice will benefit from this work as our light fittings are almost 17 years old and use the outdated type of light bulbs.  These are expensive to buy and require frequent replacing.  By installing the new fittings and LED lamps then I would expect our purchase of replacement lamps will dramatically reduce, during the year we should see a saving in the electricity costs and the corridors and patient bays should be a brighter and safer place to be.”

 Asking whether she felt that WDH had given enough guidance and support, she said: “The frequent visits by WDH staff and their suppliers prior to installation has been very informative and helped both sides to decide the right way forward with the correct fittings and light level.  We are conscious of the cost of this project and we simply could not have afforded to pay for the work.”

 She added: “The generous donation means the money saved will go towards patient care.   This will ultimately benefit patients here at the Hospice by improving their quality of life especially when life is limited. I understand the amount donated plus labour once put into perspective could pay for 560 hours of nursing care.  So you can see the difference WDH have made.”


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