Value for Money (VFM) Assurance Statement launched

Published 28 September 2018

We are proud to launch our VFM Assurance Statement 2017 / 2018
We aim to deliver VFM in everything we do and look to drive efficiency wherever possible.  We look to work with our suppliers to work jointly wherever possible, getting the best deals and delivering effective services for our customers.
Our VFM Assurance Statement shows how we have demonstrated VFM over the year and delivered what we said we would in a cost effective way.

Over the last year we have achieved a lot including fixing 92% of repairs on our first visit, reaching 95% customer satisfaction and achieving cashable efficiencies of £3.2 million.

As well as outlining the efficiencies we have generated as a business, our VFM Assurance Statement shows the Social Return on Investment (SROI) of our activities and the impact these have on our customers and other stakeholders.  In 2017 / 2018 we generated a SROI of £7.06 for every £1 invested.  The remaining social dividend is carried forward to fund future development initiatives.

View the online VFM summary.

You can also provide feedback on what VFM means to you by completing our online form on the above link.

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