Utilita helps residents get to grips with smart meters

Published 7 June 2019

Residents at Musgrave Court were visited by Utilita recently to help them make the most of their smart meters.

Following the refurbishment of the independent living scheme in Wakefield, all of the flats now come equipped with smart meters to help residents to keep a track of their energy usage.

To help residents to understand how the meters could help, Utilita, the scheme’s energy provider, held a session where residents were able to bring their bills and ask any questions they had.

The session was very successful and all the residents felt they could go away and start using their smart meters to help make savings on their energy bills.

One resident said: “I won’t lie, up until the session I had put mine away in a drawer! However, after listening to the talk I now feel like know what my smart meter does and how it can help me save some money.”

Karloy Mitro, Business Development Manager from Utilita, said: “It was a great opportunity to come and meet the residents and WDH employees at Musgrave Court, help improve their understanding of how smart meters work and answer any questions they had relating to their accounts with us.”

Pervez Khaliq, WDH’s Project Officer – Construction Programme Team said: “Aftercare is extremely important to us and we wanted to make sure that residents at Musgrave Court received the best customer service possible. It made sense for us to arrange a session to help them understand their smart meters and ask any questions they may have to ensure they were satisfied and happy as this was something completely new to a lot of the residents.”

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