Testing our procedures to keep tenants safe

Published 2 September 2019

WDH’s Compliance Team was put to the test alongside West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service (WYFRS) as part of a training exercise to prepare us should the worst happen.

WYFS used our decommissioned Independent Living Scheme in Stanley to recreate fire scenarios in an unfamiliar building to test their emergency procedures.

WDH also took the opportunity to test themselves and colleagues from the Independent Living Team joined in the exercise, where they were asked for documentation, temporary accommodation and other relevant questions that would be asked in a real emergency situation. WDH is always looking to improve and this opportunity was too good to miss.

David Graham, WDH’s Compliance Manager, organised the training to help us to improve our emergency procedures and highlight any gaps.

David said: “The training has been incredibly valuable and useful to prepare us, should the worst ever happen. The training is set to continue later into the year with some exercises taking place in the dark to give more realism and we hope to include more employees to test our policies and procedures for dealing with a major incident.”

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