Tenants in Pontefract get a sneak preview with WDH!

Published 6 March 2017

Fifteen tenants and residents from The Avenues in Pontefract wrapped up warm to join WDH’s Homebuilder Team for a tour of their estate to find out what they can expect when work begins on their gardens.

This project at The Avenues aims to improve the local area, will see WDH provide off street parking for some residents, new boundary walls, fencing and gates. The scheme will also create two new green spaces for local residents to enjoy and is due to be completed in summer 2017.

Tenants who took part in the site tour got to see gardens at all stages from those where work had just begun to the final finished space.

Angie Connell, WDH’s Programme Officer, said: “We usually send out letters regarding works starting but felt a site walk would be much more useful for tenants and help them understand what their gardens would look like at each stage of the process. We had a good turnout and found it worked extremely well.”

Mr Lockston, a tenant from North Avenue who attended the site walk, said: “The site walk was very interesting. It gave me a much better understanding about what work will be carried out in my garden than simply getting a letter in the post.”

Mrs Scales, a tenant from Love Lane added: “Well done WDH, the site walk was fantastic and very informative! I now have a much clearer idea about what work will be taking place in my garden and why I need to move certain things in preparation.”

Perevez Khaliq, WDH’s Project Officer, said: “The tenants really enjoyed the walk and found it very useful. We plan to use more of these as part of our induction process for tenants to really help us increase customer satisfaction.”

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