Residents learn more about services

Published 29 May 2014


A senior citizens group were visited by five different WDH service areas during a meeting in Horbury.

WDH employees gave the 12-strong group at the Salvation Army centre information on what WDH can provide, including the Switch and Save campaign on energy bills, Care Link, Digital Inclusion, the Home Visiting Service and making the home more secure.

Residents were invited to quiz the employees on each service areas and were encouraged to take advantage of the services themselves to save money and become safer.

Tom Long, treasurer of the group, said: “Talking to a number of the members later confirmed that they were very pleased with what they had heard and certainly want more. I am sure that working together we can get the messages across and ensure that the community is all the better for it.”

Andy Askin, Estate Manager at WDH, said: “It was a really positive and enjoyable event and we certainly got some important messages across to the residents, as well as some valuable feedback, who really engaged with the five presentations, and we will continue to work with the group as part of WDH’s commitment to creating confident communities.”


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