Residents learn basic life-saving skills

Published 27 January 2016


Residents from across the district recently undertook training to learn basic life-saving skills, thanks to an event jointly hosted by WDH and the charity Heartbeat of Sport.

The 90-minute course, which took place at the Hut on Kershaw Avenue, covered skills including learning the difference between a heart attack and a sudden cardiac arrest, administering first response care and learning the recovery position for unconsciousness, spinal neck injury and suspected heart attack victims.

Davi Garahan, WDH Engagement Officer, said: “Overall the day went really well. All those who attended were thoroughly engaged throughout and took some new skills and confidence away with them - which potentially one day could save a life.”

An attendee commented:  “I enjoyed the course, and I learnt a lot in a short space of time for example CPR, assisting someone who is choking, and how to put someone in the recovery position. Overall I’ve now got a better understanding of how to support someone if I needed to.”

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