Reassuring communities - ASB awareness week

Published 23 July 2021

As part of our ongoing commitment to keeping communities safe, our estate management teams regularly engage in community visits to neighbourhoods with partner agencies such as the Police and Wakefield Council to reassure residents and talk about any concerns they may have.

One of the latest meetings was at The Chase estate in Wakefield this month, where the Estates team held a successful reassurance consultation with the residents to discuss any potential or on-going issues and the feedback overall was very positive.

Concerns from tenants can range widely from noise and parking issues to nuisance neighbours and irresponsible pet owners. By going through a robust process and the correct procedures, including regular consultation and working extensively with partners, the team can help tenants resolve any disputes or issues fairly and effectively.

Kathryn McCracken, Estates Manager at WDH, said: “The Estates teams frequently visit neighbourhoods to make sure tenants are safe and happy, and to deal with complaints and tackle antisocial behaviour. We strive to make our neighbourhoods a peaceful and safe place to live.”

She added: “We are very pleased with the positive response of our latest reassurance consultation as the team have worked hard and are continuing to work hard to address the concerns of the tenants on this particular estate. Every day brings a new set of challenges that the team are trained and ready for. While there will always be concerns from tenants to address and support them with, it is testament to the team that more tenants on this estate are now feeling more satisfied in the place that they live.”

For more information and advice on dealing with anti social behaviour please visit our community safety page. 

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