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Published 6 May 2020

The current situation has placed us all in unfamiliar territory especially when it comes to food shopping. With social distancing in place and queues to even get inside the supermarket, then restrictions in place on certain items (like rationing during the war!) and some items are just unavailable, people are having to become more creative.

Families have started cooking and baking much more whilst in lockdown, whether it’s to relax, keep the kids out of mischief or simply to try to recreate your restaurant favourites!

With VE Day’s 75th anniversary approaching this Friday (8 May 2020), we would like you to share your recipes (war inspired or not!) so that we can share them all on the Hub and social media for others to try themselves.

Please send them to Tenants@wdh.co.uk for a chance to win a £10 shopping voucher.

Make sure to include the ingredients, method and a photo of the finished dish!

If you’re stuck in a food rut, Cash Wise have a page for cooking delicious meals on a budget.

Please submit your recipes and photos by Friday 15 May 2020 for a chance to win!

 Below are a few VE Day inspired ones to get you started!

VE day recipe cards - Potato Piglet.pdf (818.58 kb)

VE day recipe cards - Oxford Potato Soup.pdf (815.68 kb)

VE day recipe cards - Scotch Hotpot.pdf (822.01 kb)

VE day recipe cards - Bread and Butter Pudding.pdf (732.29 kb)

VE day recipe cards - Date and walnut vegan scones.pdf (718.62 kb)



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