New affordable payment plans to support customers over winter

Published 15 December 2020

From 15 December 2020, Ofgem is introducing a new affordable payment plan to help customers manage their energy bills over the colder months.

The new rule will require suppliers to put customers who are in debt on realistic and sustainable repayment plans. Large debts often require unaffordable weekly or monthly payments which customers can struggle to pay, leading to further debt problems and worries. The new rule will mean the supplier will have to set repayments at an affordable and realistic amount for the customer.

Ofgem said: “Customers who are struggling to pay their bills should contact their supplier as soon as possible. The extra protections we have announced today will help ensure they get some breathing space this winter.”

Our Sustainability Officer, Alex Hargreaves said: “This is really good news for any WDH tenants who are repaying energy bill debts at a much higher rate than they can realistically afford. This news now offers them the opportunity to re-set their repayments at a more affordable level. We would urge anyone struggling to pay off their energy bill debts to contact their supplier after 15 December 2020 to discuss this with them.”


Tenants who would like support to resolve energy billing issues or advice on how to save money on their energy bills can contact the Sustainability Team for support or a Green Doctor referral by contacting OneCALL on 0345 8 507 507.

Also the Local Energy Advice Partnership (LEAP) is a partnership project we are involved in which offers local residents a completely FREE OF CHARGE energy saving service. LEAP can help you to save money and keep your home warm and cosy. Check if you are eligible for the service.

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