Move more everyday

Published 17 July 2014

WDH is proud to support Move More Every Day, a new initiative designed to help local people become healthier and more active.


Staying fit and well is a moving experience - the more we move the fitter and healthier we will be.

Yet with so many opportunities to sit in front of the television or play computer games, too many of us do not move enough.  Throw in a diet of convenience and fast food and it’s a recipe for an unhealthy lifestyle.

But here’s the good news! By making some small changes to your daily routine you can take big steps towards a healthy and active life. In the Wakefield District we are well below the national average for physical activity.

  • Adults, 30 minutes activity every day.
  • 5 to 18 year olds, one hour activity every day.
  • Under 5’s three hours activity every day.

You could:

  • take a long walk in the park;
  • join the kids outside for a play;
  • garden;
  • cycle;
  • swim;
  • walk the kids to school; and
  • the opportunities are endless.
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