Job success for Eileen

Published 19 May 2017

 A local woman who regularly attended a WDH work club in Featherstone has secured a permanent job after volunteering through the Dr Jackson Cancer Appeal shop.

During support sessions with WDH’s Community Employment Officer, Eileen Slater was encouraged to become a volunteer at the charity shop in Featherstone. Through her experience and a recommendation from the Shop Manager, Eileen has gone on to permanent employment with a cleaning company.

Bill Mulroe, Shop Manager at the Dr Jackson Cancer Appeal shop, said: “We were only too pleased to give Eileen a chance. We needed someone good to support us with our stock control, sales and customer service and this work clearly brought her out of her shell. Eileen was so good. In fact, she quickly progressed to being front of house, working without supervision which was so impressive in such a short time.”

He added: “I’m so proud that she has found a paid job using the experience that she gained with us. I’m looking forward to seeing her progress.”

Shabana Yousaf, WDH’s Community Employment Officer, said: “I have to thank Bill for being so supportive and bringing out the confidence in Eileen. I will really miss her at the work club but I wish her all the very best success in the future.”

Eileen said: “My dad passed away with cancer, so when the volunteering opportunity came up I really wanted to work here. I was quite shy at first but working at the hospice shop I got the chance to meet people, which is great. I made friends and people say hello to me now.”

She added: “I’ve been really happy having Shabana as my advisor. If it wasn’t for her I don’t think I would have got this post.”

WDH’s Community Employment Advisors regularly visit work clubs held across the district. They are skilled professionals who can help WDH tenants to find jobs online, offer guidance on how to write a CV and apply, offer interview skills and tips, and help individuals to find the right training course. They have helped more than 4,500 people so far, assisting over 2,000 into training and over 1,400 into employment. 

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