Importance of being a good neighbour - ASB awareness week

Published 21 July 2021

It is antisocial behaviour (ASB) awareness week, and WDH are highlighting the importance of being a good neighbour, being kind and being respectful. 

Everyone is entitled to enjoy their home quietly and peacefully. Causing nuisance or disturbing your neighbours can be disrespectful and upsetting. The same applies for anyone living with you or visiting your home to behave responsibly.

Being a good neighbour always means being respectful, kind and tolerant of other people’s views and lifestyles. It is also important to consider how our behaviour affects others.

Some examples of how to be respectful to others are:

·       keeping the volume of televisions, radios and stereos as low as possible, especially late at night and early in the morning;

·       carrying out work to your home during reasonable hours;

·       being a responsible pet owner; and

·       parking vehicles responsibly and respecting your neighbours’ parking and access needs.

We work closely with Yorkshire Mediation to help people resolve their differences in a way that is fair and helps keep our communities safe.

Joanna Leatham, Yorkshire Mediation Manager, said: “Our communities are very different to what they were say 50 years ago.  Everyone knew everyone, there were no mobile phones and people talked over the garden fence on a regular basis.  Everyone always tried to help everyone out. Now communications are more likely to be over a device, whether that be an email, Facebook, Linkedin, Tik, Tok etc.  The art of verbal communication is becoming less and less.  Which in turn isolates us more and more from the people around us and how everyone lives.”

She added: “Mediation helps bridge that communication gap.  It empowers people to be able to talk to one another about how they are feeling in certain situations and how it affects them and why and gives the opportunity for both parties to change the situation for the better.  More often than not you will find that there has been a specific reason for someone's behaviour, don't let matters escalate.  Talk to your Housing Officers about using mediation to try and help.  Yorkshire Mediation has had many years of experience with helping people in communities.  Let's all try and work together to achieve a peaceful environment and strive to be good neighbours.”

Gary Lumb, Community Safety Manager at WDH said: “We are very pleased to continue working with Yorkshire Mediation to help people who may be in dispute with their neighbour. Their expertise helps people reach mutual agreement and aims to build good neighbourly relationships rather than them often being broken by people not talking with each other. This proactive approach helps to ensure people can live normal everyday lives without fear of conflict or distress.”


Did you know?

Of all the reports received by WDH over people’s behaviour, approximately 30% of them involve noise related issues.

the most common quotes that are used when people complete mediation is:


"I wish I'd have undertaken mediation sooner"        

 "I didn't realise that was happening for you"    

 "If I'd have known I wouldn't have complained"


Visit Yorkshire Mediation for more information. 

Please visit our community Safety page for more tips on how to be a good neighbour.

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