How we tackle antisocial behaviour - ASB awareness week

Published 23 July 2021

 Antisocial behaviour (ASB) can have a very disruptive effect on neighbourhoods and communities. Not only does it affect those who are directly involved in the situation, ASB can have a much wider impact on the community.

 We take ASB very seriously and always aim to balance enforcement action and intervention with as much support as we can offer to ensure people comply with our tenancy agreement. However, when behaviour is so harmful and does not stop even after warnings have been issued, then we will not hesitate to take enforcement action against tenancies and seek legal orders through the court.

 During the COVID-19 pandemic, court restrictions limited the range of legal actions we could take. However, with the help of court staff and supported by our own Legal team we worked hard to secure 19 injunction orders against those responsible for serious ASB to prohibit further unruly behaviour in our communities.


Case study


We quickly reacted to a serious incident when a tenant threatened neighbouring residents and WDH employees who were working in the area. Over the next 24 hours, work was carried out to seek an emergency injunction against the tenant and to help safeguard other tenants and employees which involved the following:


WDH in regular contact with the Police to establish their own actions against the tenant.

CCTV images secured, and hand delivered to the police to assist their investigation.

Tenant was released back to the block of flats on bail pending future charge.

A short notice injunction application was made by WDH which included all relevant statements.

The court held a telephone hearing and reviewed all evidence as well as questioning the witnesses.

Injunction was granted, and arrangements made to personally serve the order on the tenant over the weekend period.

 Subsequent court action through the COVID-19 led to an eviction order being granted and respite provided to all neighbouring residents from this harmful behaviour.


Gary Lumb, Community Safety Manager, at WDH said: “Most people in our communities are law-abiding and understand the importance of living harmoniously with others. However, there are a small minority who sadly disrupt life for those around them, having a negative impact on those communities.

 Everyone has a right to live safely and securely in their home, without having to witness or be affected by nuisance or antisocial behaviour. We will not hesitate to take further action against people who are intent on causing disruption to people’s normal everyday lives and will apply for legal orders through the court to stop this behaviour whenever we have the evidence to do so.”

 He added: “Our teams faced many challenges when managing ASB through COVID-19c, but we appreciate the assistance given to us by the court and for its flexibility in still allowing us to apply for injunction orders to curb bad behaviour and bring much needed respite to others.”

Please visit our community safety page for more information and advice. 


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