Home sweet home with Shared Ownership from WDH

Published 17 October 2017

Katie from Outwood is the latest person to get on the property ladder with our Shared Ownership scheme.

Katie had previously rented properties with private landlords but decided it was now the right time for her to buy her own home. During her time working for Rosa Homes she had learned about the Shared Ownership scheme.

As a self-employed beauty therapist and single mum, Katie knew she would struggle to buy on the open market and decided to look at Shared Ownership properties in the local area. After speaking to the Shared Ownership Team at WDH she was shown a 3 bedroom house at Bevin Close in Outwood, one of the first properties to be built solely by WDH for Shared Ownership sale. Katie fell in love with the house and knew this was the home for her and her three children.

Katie said: “The house was perfect for us. It is a lovely spacious property and has been built to a very high standard. I started the process straight away for Shared Ownership and was approved for a mortgage with Santander. I think it’s reassuring for anyone thinking about Shared Ownership to know that most of the big lenders offer Shared Ownership mortgages.”

Katie was able to purchase a 50% share in her home allowing her to take her first steps as a homeowner.

She said: “The Shared Ownership Team at WDH was amazing. They were very approachable and everything was very well explained. The whole process was seamless, taking just over eight weeks from start to finish.”

“I would recommend Shared Ownership to anyone looking to get on the property ladder. You get tons of advice and support throughout the process and the aftercare is excellent. It allows you to buy a house but at a price that is affordable to you.”

Katie plans to purchase the remaining shares in her home when she can and, by using the Shared Ownership scheme, you can continue to buy more shares as and when you can afford it until you own 100% of the property.

Katie added: “I shout from the roof tops about how great Shared Ownership is. In fact, I mentioned Shared Ownership to the lady who came to look at the property I was renting and now she is moving in next door to me at Bevin Close! It’s something she would have never considered had I not spoken to her about it. You don’t know until you enquire, so just go for it and find out!”

For more information on Shared Ownership with WDH visit: www.wdh.co.uk/AvailableProperties/SharedOwnership/.

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