Green Hero 2015: Ben Wormstone and Paula and Terry Armitage

Published 10 October 2015

Ben Wormstone and Paula and Terry Armitage won the Green Hero award at WDH’s 2015 Love Where You Live Awards.

Ben started improvements to the garden area at Newfield House following the loss of his beloved wife. With the help of his scheme manager to start the project, Ben has worked committedly every day to plant seeds and improve the garden area. Terry and Paula Armitage have been a great source of encouragement and have also worked tirelessly to plant flowers and brighten up the area.

They have made the area a lovely place to sit and relax. The project has provided a talking point for residents and has created a sense of togetherness.

On winning the award, Paula and Terry said: “Everyone, especially Ben, will be so pleased that we have won this award. A lot of hard work went into the project and a lot of people helped us pay for it so be able to continue our work with the help of this money is brilliant.”

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