Getting the best deal for tenants through the Tenancy Ready Team

Published 9 July 2018

We strive to provide value for money to our tenants in all of our services. This extends beyond services such as building homes or repairs and maintenance, and includes services such as getting people into work, reducing debt, getting people online and providing skills and training. One such service is our Tenancy Ready Team (TRT).

Our TRT offers assistance to people who might not be able to access the Homesearch system to bid on a property. The team also offers support the tenants to maintain a successful tenancy, to help manage their finances and avoid falling into arrears. If they are vulnerable, then the team will make sure they have the correct support in place.

Referrals to the TRT can be made from other WDH teams such as the Care and Health Team, Estate Officers, Debt Team, Health Inequality Caseworkers, Cash Wise and OneCALL. Referrals can also come from partners through Medical Panel, Qualification Panel or Housing Needs Panel. Once referred, a dedicated TRT Officer is appointed as early as possible to provide tailored support to the applicant prior to obtaining a tenancy with us.

Who benefits and how

Since April 2017 we have provided support to 172 people and still have 114 active cases, supporting people through the transition of becoming a tenant. 

Results show that when people do engage with the service they have a 100% success rate in sustaining their tenancy.

Since April 2017, 107 tenancies have been maintained and not fallen into arrears or had any tenancy breach issues. Only 17 of the people we have supported in 2017 – 2018 have terminated their tenancies and are no longer tenants.

By providing these services we hope to add value to our tenants’ lives and help create confident communities. You can view our Value for Money Assurance Statement and provide your own feedback on how we provide value for money by clicking here.

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